An appeal to all. Help us on this.

An appeal to all. Help us on this.


For those who have inquired and for others as well, on why there is no banners in the site this year, would like to inform that this year we wanted to dedicate the space to our most important and major stake holders – the students community.

In the past you may have seen promotional banners in the site of many top ranked institutes like MDI, XIMB, IMT or AIRTEL APP for CAT applicants displayed here. We are grateful to all patrons for having faith on us and for being able to offer value to their brands.

But this year we wanted to restrict the space from brand logos and applications related data.  

No, we are not against promotion. Neither do we aspire to become GOOGLE by not having any promotional content on the home page. We respect GOOGLE for what they are and for maintaining their stand on giving the users a clean page when they visit Google (just imagine the revenue they could generate by having few banners in the search engine page) for any search. We cannot afford to do this. We will not be able to survive if we try doing this.

What is that we want?

We did not say NO to any promotional banner but we requested for content which would carry some worthwhile information for the students. There has to be some take-away for students beyond just displaying of the application dates, last date of applications or placement figures. It can be anything that the institute has to offer other than applications related data which is something we are putting up in the site free of any cost in any case and which eventually is giving equal amount of brand visibility and referral traffic to the institute, anyway. 

So, why put up the same data which is already published, in the form of a banner advertisement?

Students’ visiting our site, are happy with the key-information provided in the site for a particular course. Any additional offer which students may need and we may not have, shall be passed on to the admissions department and ensure the student gets a response.

We welcome any content which has a value proposition for students beyond ‘application or admission advertisements’. Something which is more engaging. It can be some scholarship offers, special program, an event or competition where students will look forward to participate or anything which benefits and is interesting for a student.

Your feedback, ideas, comments are important for us. Write us at connect@campusutra.com

We can also share our ideas and assist you with coming out with an initiative. Look forward towards your support and patronage. Thanks.


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