QS World University Rankings 2018: IIT Delhi up & IISC & IIM Bombay slip

QS World University Rankings 2018: IIT Delhi up & IISC & IIM Bombay slip.

                                    Reasons why Indian Institutes slip?

Major institutes of India have slipped in the  world university rankings 2018 again, with the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) seeing an overall dip in performance across at least 25 subjects, according to the QS World University Rankings 2018 announced.

For the sixth year running, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) lead the way in the ranking of over 950 of the best universities in the world.

The top four universities are all based in the US, with StanfordHarvard and the California Institute of Technology all following MIT. UK universities also slid down in the rankings, with 51 of 76 British universities falling at least one place. This includes 11 of the 16 ranked Russell Group universities, the highest-ranked of which is the University of Cambridge in fifth.

Why Indian Institutes will never be on top in these International Rankings?

  • One of the major reasons being these ranking systems are designed for Universities which offer programs in all aspects and not just specialisations. For instance, Institutes like IIT, IIMs IISc or Jadavpur University where under graduate programs are not offered are bound to lose scores which is inevitable.

Having said that, would like to highlight that there are many areas where Indian Institute can perform far better and why these areas are ignored is a matter of genuine concern. 

Why does the rank of Indian Institutes fall?

While the premier engineering schools have secured 80 rankings across 48 subjects, their performance has dropped in 25 cases as against an improvement in only five cases. The overall picture worsens if the performance of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, is taken into consideration — 33 cases of a dip in rankings against only five improvements.


As per Citations per faculty, IISc Bangalore on 6th Place, IIT Delhi ranks 39th positions, IIT KGP at 60th , IIT Roorkee at 61st  and so on.

Volume of citations and research papers are way less than the International counter parts. A major reason for low rankings.

Research is not a key focus area in India.

Key reasons being – lack of interest, low pay, low funds or grants, environment not very encouraging and aspiration of students to get a job through placement rather than higher studies. Scholars interested in serious research may rather want to go abroad and pursue the same in a foreign university with a decent scholarship in hand.

International students & International faculty

International Students: No score              International Faculty: No score

Most of the Indian Institutes are not much bothered about attracting international students. There is barely any branding building activity or any initiative to reach out to international students.

And where is the need? When there is already a deluge of applications overflowing from vast no. of students of our over populated country.

Delhi University where the Cut off is 100% for some programs, says it all. 

Why no International faculty?

Well, lesser said the better. Even if we are able to stop the brain drain happening and bring back some of the faculties from abroad, it should be considered enough.

Poor Employer Reputation

 Employer Reputation: IIT D (71), IIT B(49) and IIT K (41) Rest are null.

Not sure why such low score in this category but surely its an area where the institutes can and should focus. Except IIM B, not sure if any top institutes of the country have a dedicated Human Resource team.

Low Academic Reputation

IIT B (62.3), IIT D (54.9), Delhi University (41) and so on.

Indian institutes have secured very poor score in academic reputation. A long pending area of development area where imminent focus is needed. Serious brain storming may not be required to understand action items and take corrective steps. Over all learning experience, quality of education and campus life needs to be developed. With so much of funding available not sure why these areas cannot be looked into, developed and make it at par with international campuses.

Had the walked into one of the hostel at IIT Delhi, where the shortlisted applicants for Master’s Degree were allotted rooms to stay before they appear for interview. In one word it was appalling. Awful condition. 

Faculty Student Ratio Only IISc Bangalore score 56.1 & rest are null.










Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)





Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)





Indian Institute of Science





Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)





Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)





Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP)





Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)





University of Delhi





Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG)





Jadavpur University

 While IISc has   figured in 14   subject rankings,   its performance in  11 subjects has  registered a drop when compared to last year.

It has managed to retain its position in civil and structural engineering, mechanical, aeronautical and manufacturing engineering and chemistry.

IIT-Bombay has been ranked in 21 subjects, out of which it has slid in five — physics and astronomy, statistics and operational research, mathematics, environmental sciences and biological sciences. It has broken into the rankings club in arts and humanities, linguistics.

While IIT-Delhi’s ranking has dipped in chemical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and biological sciences, it has found a place in linguistics for the first time.

Of the 13 subjects that IIT-Kanpur has been ranked in, two subjects — mechanical and aeronautical manufacturing and physics and astronomy — show a fall in performance.

IIT-Kharagpur has slipped in four subjects — mechanical and aeronautical manufacturing, mineral and mining engineering, biological sciences and mathematics. The institute has entered the rankings for social sciences for the first time.

IIT-Madras has slipped in five subjects — computer science and information systems, biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics and physics and astronomy — out of a total of 15.

IIT-Roorkee has secured a spot in 10 subjects, out of which it has performed poorly in three — chemical engineering, mechanical and aeronautical manufacturing engineering and material science — as compared to last year.

IIT-Guwahati is ranked in eight subjects, out of which its performance has dipped in three subjects — chemical engineering, mechanical and aeronautical manufacturing engineering, and chemistry.

Source Indian express

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That said, although the rankings overstates the problem, we do have a problem of education quality.


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