IIM Bangalore faculty Prof P C Narayan bags 'Teaching Innovator' award

IIM Bangalore faculty Prof P C Narayan bags 'Teaching Innovator' award

Prof P C Narayan, a professor of Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B), has been selected for the ‘Teaching Innovator Award-2016’ by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Prof Narayan, faculty,Finance & Accounting, at IIM-B, has been selected for the award for his student-centric teaching method. He uses videos from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in a ‘flipped classroom’ format. He is among six others, across India, selected for the award.

About P C Narayan: P C Narayan is a faculty member in the Finance & Control Area at IIMB with specific focus on banking, financial markets and risk management. He has a rich and varied experience in the banking industry. Having travelled to over 40 countries and having implemented projects in 20 different countries, he brings a unique cross-cultural perspective and a breadth of global experience.
Prof P D Jose, faculty, Strategy, at IIMB, and Prof. Ramya Ranganathan, Prof Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, were among the 15 finalists for the award. Source: Deccan herand

'IIMs will have autonomy to start new courses, develop campuses'

Greater autonomy, speedy appointment of directors, the ability to develop infrastructure and open doors to newer, better courses - this and more is in store for the 18 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) across the country, after the IIM autonomy bill finds approval in the Rajya Sabha . IIM-Bangalore director Prof G Raghuram tells TOI what it means for India's premier B-schools.

The Bill effectively means greater autonomy for self-determination at a strategic level. The appointment of the chair will be done by a search and selection committee of the board, rather than the government playing a role. The director will be appointed by the board. It will avoid delays and uncertainties when IIMs have to manage with temporary heads.

The ability to acquire land, devel op new campuses and grow in directions determined by the board is significantly enhanced. In IIM-Bangalore, a decision had been made to set up an international campus, which was later questioned and turned down by the government. I would like to add that IIMs have always enjoyed autonomy with respect to faculty recruitment, programme design and delivery, student recruitment and setting academic priorities.

The Bill explicitly provides for the two-year programme to be converted to degree-granting programme as a Master's, and the Fellow Programme to a Doctorate.

Many IIMs also run one-year programmes, leveraging the participants' experience and giving them a postgraduate diploma on par with the two-year programme. All IIM directors have started discussions on how they would like to treat the one-year programme towards grant of degrees. The starting premise is that IIMs have autonomy, and as long as certain minimum defining attributes are ensured, degrees would also be granted to such programmes. The short-duration Executive Programmes would continue.

However, some IIMs may want to keep the option of awarding a postgraduate diploma as distinguished from a Master's degree, for the sake of flexibility.

Source: TOI.


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