Lockdown 5.0 - Living by chance

Lockdown 5.0 - Living by chance?

At one hand we have the number of positive cases mounting with no sign of any slowdown, on the other hand we are witnessing increasing relaxations with Lockdown5.0 where we are free to roam around and do a lot of things which probably we are not supposed to do under the present scenario.

According to medical practitioners and doctors we should have continued with the lockdown, for may be another month, till flattening of the curve happens. But economy is at its worst and Governments at state & centre grappling with challenges feel lockdown cannot be continued.

So where does all this bring us to? Are we living by chance?

Yes! We all are.

Rapid increase in positive cases will see steep rise according to experts, (it’s happening otherwise too) which will make medical facilities chocked (already chocked isn’t it) and there will be barely any hospital bed left for treatment. Several state governments are already suggesting home quarantine.

5 things you need drill down your brain

  • Avoid going out as much as possible (you have done it for 2 months, no matter how difficult it is try to do it till July.)
  • Wear masks always, when out. Do not allow anyone in 3 – 6 feet.
  • Do not touch anything. Try to pay online, if you have to.
  • Carry pocket hand sanitizer or a small liquid soap, to wash your hands.
  • Stay away from parents & grandparents as you go home, don’t touch anything, leave your clothes for washing and take a shower.

For those whose hostels are now quarantine centres, check with authorities before you plan to go back to campus the following

  • When did the last patient leave your room?
  • What type of cleaning, washing, sanitizing measures were taken?
  • In case you have not shift the stuff in your room, were they all removed before the Corona patients were admitted?
  • Lastly, clean everything yourself before you start staying in that room, use that desk, cupboard, bed.

Stay safe. Keep others Safe.

And keep your queries coming, we love to respond to them.

Do write back, connect with us. Keep your queries and messages coming.

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