Compare Business School Series 7: IMI Delhi vs IMT G vs XIMB vs MICA

Updated as on July 29, 2020 . In this comparative data analysis of our ‘Compare B-School series #7’ you can find the fees, placement, international collaboration, MHRD Ranking, seats, cut offs and other vital stats.

While all 4 are good places to be in, IMI (International Management Institute ) Delhi, IMT (Institute of Management Technology) Ghaziabad, Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB) Bhubaneswar and  MICA Ahmedabad (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad).

* INR in Lacs **Include Hostel fees, # 1 lacs extra

Established 1981 1980 1987 1991
Location Delhi Ghaziabad Bhubaneswar Ahmedabad
Fees (Lacs) 17.67 17.5** 20# 19.5**
AVG Placement 2020* 13.03 13.6  15.3 13.9
Highest Placement 2020* 20.75 34 N.A 33
AVG Placement 2019* 13 12.5  14.31 12.8
Highest Placement 2019* 20.75 27  24.5 58.2
Number of PPOs 50 87 47 N.A
AVG Placement 2018* 12.23 11.6 12.91 12.3
Highest Salary 2018* 20.75 25 23.5 35.27
AVG Placement 2017* 12.5 11.23 13.2 11.6
Highest Salary 2017* NA. 25.5 21 40.8
CAT Cut-off 90 90 91 90
Seat 360 560 360 160
Full time faculty 47 70 80 27
Student Faculty Ratio 7.5:1 8:01 N.A 5.2:1
Specialization PGDM, PGDM BKFS, HRM PGDM, PGDM Marketing, DCP MBA PGDM, PGDM Communication
MHRD Ranking’19 27 41 N.A N.A
Editor Rating (out of 5) 4 4 3.75 3.5

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