Executive MBA Admission 2024 | Fees, Applications, Part-time PGDM

Top B Schools which offer 12/ 15/18 months executive management programmes (PGPX)

Executive MBA Admission 2024: perfectly suits the working executives who may not have gone for any formal management education during the early stage of career or may not have thought of having one earlier in the career or may have dropped the idea of MBA due to whatever reasons.

ISB PGP Admission 2024. Application Open now

It is a tremendous opportunity for those who after few years in the corporates may feel the need for a management degree / diploma to enhance managerial, strategic or leadership skills during the transition phase from junior or mid level to a senior level role in the career graph.

There are multiple MBA colleges offering various types of Executive management programmes. While some may offer ‘One year MBA program‘ some a “12 month executive MBA program or 15 month Executive PGDM / PGPX, 18 month executive PGP program. Many IIMs offer 1 year MBA program, while many top Business Schools offer 15 month executive program. Different B schools have different criteria of work experiences which ranges from 3-5 years to 7-10 years or even above.

IIM Ahmedabad placement 2022. Median Salary up by 21%

For corporate it doesn’t matter much whether it is a PGDM or MBA, as long the program is adding value and offers a great learning experience. As for the executives who are willing to go back to “students” status once again it should be more of ‘fun while you learn’ – networking, making friends, discovering new cultures, and opening your minds to newer things in business and professional lives is what should matter. Recently

IIM Indore Executive MBA placements 2022 ||  1 Year MBA Program under jeopardy as MHRD send letters.

Find short listed B Schools in India that offers one year executive MBA /PGDM program.

Executive MBA Admission 2024. Application Open Now

MBA Colleges Tuition Fees* Application Fees Program Duration (Month) Exam Accepted Application Status
IIM A 31.5 6000 PGPX 12 GMAT/GRE Apply
ISB  41.98 5000 PGP 12 GMAT/GRE Apply
IIM B 28.5 3000 EPGP 12 GMAT/GRE Apply
IIM C 31 2000 MBAEx 12 CAT/GMAT Apply
IIM U 18.5 N.A GSCM 12 GMAT/GRE Closed
IIM L 26 5000 IPMX 12 CAT/GMAT/GRE Closed
XLRI 4.1 1180 EDHRM N.A N.A Closed
IMT G 15 2000 Executive PGDM 15 CAT/GMAT/XAT Closed
IIFT 3.5 N.A EPGDIB 18 Self Test Closed
IMI Delhi 7.68 N.A Executive PGDM 15 All (N.A)
GLIM 15.86 2000 PGPM 12 CAT/GMAT/XAT Closed
XIM Uni 15.9 1600 Executive MBA 12 CAT/GMAT/XAT Closed
NMIMS Mumbai N.A N.A E MBA 15 NMAT (N.A)
BIMTECH 13.5 2000 Executive PGDM 15 CAT/GMAT/XAT (N.A)
K J Som 8.17 2850 Executive MBA 15 CAT/GMAT/XAT Closed
LBSIM 5.7 N.A Executive PGDM 15 CAT/GMAT (NA.)
SDMIMD 6.5 N.A PGCM 15 All Closed
IIM I N.A 5900 EPGP 12 CAT/GMAT Closed
IIM Shillong N.A 4000 PGPEX 12 CAT/GMAT N.A
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