University of Lucknow MBA Admission 2018

The Department of Business Administration is a pioneer in the field of Management Education. Established in 1956, as a full-fledged department under the Faculty of Commerce, the Department has the proud distinction of having its faculty trained at the Center for Advancement of Management Education, Stanford University, California (USA). The faculty of the department has a combination of academic, research, business and international teaching experience. Besides maintaining close interaction with other leading Management institutes such as IIM's, the department has been actively assisting and supporting other institutions in the field of business education. The department having more than 2000 alumni dominating the corporate scene in India has successfully created popular LUMBA brand.

The idea of starting a University at Lucknow was first mooted by Raja Sir Mohammad Ali Mohammad Khan, Khan Bahadur, K.C.I.E. of Mahmudabad, who contributed an article to the columns of "The Pioneer'' urging the foundation of a University at Lucknow. A little later Sir Harcourt Butler, K.C.S.I., K.C.I.E, was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of the United Provinces, and his well-known interest in all matters under his jurisdiction, specially in matters educational, gave fresh life and vigour to the proposal. The first step to bring the University into being was taken when a General Committee of educationists and persons interested in university education appointed for the purpose, met in conference at Government House, Lucknow, on November, 10, 1919. At this meeting Sir Harcourt Butler, who was in the chair, outlined the proposed scheme for the new university.

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