The word “Sutra” connotes a definition, a line, or formula or a collection of rules in the form of a booklet. But life doesn’t come with a manual. Neither does success. There is no such hand-book, recipe, formula or checklist exist which can lead to success. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept which ensure we pass life’s myriad tests with flying colors.

The world we inhibit is subjective and dynamic. So are the success mantras. What got you HERE won’t get you THERE! Success demands for quality people, quality beyond education. Learning beyond the classroom, is as important as classroom lectures.

For students moving out of the campus and stepping into the corporate life, is like moving into a new habitat. Moving from habitual comfort zones of the campus life, to face the challenges of an entirely new world. Unlearning old habits, learning new responses and adapting to new reality, in order to thrive, evolve, perform, deliver, achieve and excel.

With an objective to Learn, Un-learn, Re-Learn, Campusutra  thrives to nurture the talents and be knowledge partners for students’ community to assist them in their quest to crack the code of success in life.