Compare B School Series 10: SIMSREE vs KJ SIMSR vs PUMBA

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Uodated as on Aug 01, 2020. In this comparative data analysis of our ‘Compare B-School series #10’ you can find the fees, placement, summer placement, MHRD Ranking, seats, cut offs and other vital stats. MBA College compare 2020, Business School compare.

So, here comes the new series in Compare Business Schools – Fact check.

Here All the 3 business School are based in Maharashtra. Student comparing these MBA College in different parameter. SIMSREE ROI is at par in compare to KJSIMSR &  Department of Management Sciences of the Savitribai Phule Pune University (PUMBA). 

Established 1983 1981 1971
Location Mumbai Mumbai Pune
NIRF Ranking N.A 41 N.A
Specialization MMS/PGDBM MBA MBA, MBA Pharma
Test Cut-off N.A CAT-85 N.A
Programme Fees* 6 14 1.3
Full time faculty 19 70 13
Seat 240 420 120
Student Faculty Ratio 12.6 5.1 9.2
Average Salary 2020* 12.2 10.05 N.A
Highest Salary 2020* 20 28.5 N.A
Average Salary 2019* 10.9 9.95 N.A
Highest Salary 2019* N.A 28.5 N.A
Average Salary 2018* 10.84 9.4 5.94
Highest Salary 2018* N.A N.A 9
Campusutra Rating 3.75 3.5 3.5

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