The year that made us resilient, adaptable, supportive & virtual

Dec 31, 2020.

Allow me start this last note of the year with a THANK YOU to all of you for connecting, supporting, caring for each other in this stressful year.

The year 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as the darkest year for us in our collective existence. From massive wildlife destruction in Australia to widespread protests against racism in the U.S to a pandemic that killed more than a million and a half people across the globe, leaving 10 times more the number jobless while schools, colleges, universities, workplaces has been shut for months.

We have come across tragic news of the untimely death of someone in our circles, someone who has lost a job or has been in deep distress. But all that has made us all more resilient according to a study by HBR. The study suggests men, women and kids across the world (essentially irrespective of gender, age or demography) have displayed higher levels of resilience when exposed to fear of unknown or threat. ‘The more tangible the threat, the more resilient we become’.

We are also more adaptable today. ‘Learnbility’ and ‘learnagility’ levels have gone up. Maybe there wasn’t any option left.

We would also take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have continued to have faith in us in these trying times. Amidst all the chaos, the forced screen-time (courtesy online classrooms, virtual meetings, OTTs) the silver lining for us is – the average stay time in our portal has increased significantly. So, keep posting your campus updates. We shall continue to offer the free listing opportunity.

We may be happily ready to bid goodbye to 2020 however the masks are not going away soon. A typical working day will continue to start with “Good Morning, am I audible ?”. Online teaching and virtual classes are also here to stay. In fact a host of new online programmes & courses are being introduced. Some of which offer real value and at a price point which is cost effective, making quality education affordable and available. Another silver lining.

A new year brings new hopes. We are all in this together, trying to figure out how to stay afloat. Our boats may vary in size but we are in the same ocean. Thank you all once again.

Happy New Year! Stay protected. 

The Year that was - Editor's pick 2020 new Year! Stay port Nwe Top Picks of 2020

June 02, 2020.

Lockdown 5.0 – Living by chance?

At one hand we have the number of positive cases mounting with no sign of any slowdown, on the other hand we are witnessing increasing relaxations with Lockdown5.0 where we are free to roam around and do a lot of things which probably we are not supposed to do under the present scenario.

According to medical practitioners and doctors we should have continued with the lockdown, for may be another month, till flattening of the curve happens. But economy is at its worst and Governments at state & centre grappling with challenges feel lockdown cannot be continued.

So where does all this bring us to? Are we living by chance?

Yes! We all are.

Rapid increase in positive cases will see steep rise according to experts, (it’s happening otherwise too) which will make medical facilities chocked (already chocked isn’t it) and there will be barely any hospital bed left for treatment. Several state governments are already suggesting home quarantine.

5 things you need drill down your brain

•  Avoid going out as much as possible (you have done it for 2 months, no matter how difficult it is try to do it till July.)

•  Wear masks always, when out. Do not allow anyone in 3 – 6 feet.

•  Do not touch anything. Try to pay online, if you have to.

•  Carry pocket hand sanitizer or a small liquid soap, to wash your hands.

•  Stay away from parents & grandparents as you go home, don’t touch anything, leave your clothes for washing and take a shower.

For those whose hostels are now quarantine centres, check with authorities before you plan to go back to campus the following

•  When did the last patient leave your room?

•  What type of cleaning, washing, sanitizing measures were taken?

•  In case you have not shift the stuff in your room, were they all removed before the Corona patients were admitted?

•  Lastly, clean everything yourself before you start staying in that room, use that desk, cupboard, bed.

Stay safe. Keep others Safe.

And keep your queries coming, we love to respond to them. arn new thing 

Top Picks of May 2020

April 01, 2020.

How many times did we come across the term VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) in the past couple of years in every seminar or strategic planning meetings or managerial write-ups? And as the term VUCA suddenly becomes reality – blatantly stares at us, we are caught unaware. Anxious moments grip us. We wonder was the world really VUCA before this?

Some say ‘Fear is in the air’. I feel this is a huge learning opportunity.

Responsibility, accountability, bonding and to reflect upon the evolution of civilization, is in the air. Talking of air, literally there has been a phenomenal change in air. Air has never ever been so fresh and clean for decades. Imagine AQI of Delhi was recorded on the Mar 28 th at 45. Our lungs are surprised and so are the Dolphins spotted in Mumbai shores.

Universities, Schools and Institutes across the globe are now experiencing online class-rooms with students and stakeholders social distancing while working from remote locations. We were happy to know from many in the academia that our early reports, polls, were useful in planning. The guidelines on remote working shared before the lock down was announced, was also handy during implementation.

Our productivity is at 100%. In fact our responses to queries are faster now.

We saw it coming and following other organisations in IT/ITeS, we too started working from home from Mar 18 th as we felt travelling in Metro, Ola/Uber/Auto-ricks was making us vulnerable and social distancing was the only way to be safe and make others safe.

The best thing is we have even received pay checks during this lockdown . We profusely thank accounts departments of our partner institutes making this possible during lock down.

Anxious moments will remain but stay positive. Stay isolated and safe.

Market correction will happen. Industry will bounce back. Things will start getting better. Meanwhile, go for online courses, work-out indoors to stay fit, watch Netflix / Amazon Prime, learn new things or just make a TikTok video.

Let us stay calm and carry on. learn new things or just make a TikTok videohs Top Picks of Mar 2020

Do write back, connect with us. Keep your queries and messages coming.

Top Picks of Mar 2020

Wishing you all successful and Happy New Year – 2020!

Published as on Dec 29, 2019. As we get ready to bid adieu to last year in the “teens” and usher in a new decade, we take a moment to reflect within. While anytime is a good time to reflect, this time of the year seems to be more apt for some self-introspection on what has been accomplished, learned, experienced.

We believe in organic growth: Connect to our audience always been based on relevance – those who find helpful in their journey to pursue higher education.  And this year 81% of our visitors were organic with an average stay time of close to 3 minutes (7–10 min in certain pages). And this we are talking about a generation with an average attention span between 8 to 12 seconds depending on area of interest. Campaigns for our partners were run selectively and specifically as per intake requirements. We have been flooded with responses, direct messages, queries in WhatsApp, Messenger and various forum maintained by us!

And yes, we have also received donations starting from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000.00!  Every single donation is significant and very important for us both in terms of financial assistance and motivation. This, to us is a massive validation of the good work, huge inspiration for us to continue with the hard work and to stick to our commitments of offering unbiased, factual information, data and real stories. We appreciate and thank you for your continuous support and patronage

Our apologies to all who may not been able to see the site for few days in December 1st week. The site was hacked and the sole intent of hacking was to stop people from reaching out to Reason for many of you to land in a page which displayed error, for few days. People who directly visited the site were however able to view and access.  We came back stronger with our commitments, ethics and objectives intact. We continue to strive hard to be the most appreciated, valued and respected education portal offering honest, authentic and real information.

A big THANKS to the students community, patrons, partners and well-wishers who kept inspiring us in this journey. This means a lot to us.

Let your feedback, queries, comments, donations, love, compliments and criticism pouring in.

Top 20 Picks of 2019

Wishing you all successful and Happy New Year – 2019

Published as on Dec 29, 2018. While we cannot wait to step into the new beginnings and as we wrap up 2018, we would like to take a moment and thank you for your continuous support.

The year 2018 has been really exciting as we were able to reach out to 4 million readers and that too organically!

We also managed to stick to our commitment to students and readers of not placing any banners in the HOME Page!!

A big big THANKS to all our readers and well-wishers who kept inspiring us in this journey. This means a lot to us.

The coming year looks even more promising. We are not into numbers game and remain firmly committed to our readers particularly the students community. We continue to strive hard to be the most appreciated, valued and respected education portal offering factual data, portraying real picture and actual story.

Wishing you all wonderful festive season and a Happy New Year! Seek your patronage and love as always. Your feedback, ideas, comments are important to us. Compliment and criticism are welcome at

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